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New M&A lingo: 'nontraditionals' and 'family offices'

Posted 7:16 pm U.S. ET, Jan. 26
blogs Richard Johnson is editor of Automotive News -- print.
Tim Lamb of Tim Lamb Group, whose stand was crawling with acquisitive dealers, says he's beginning to see signs of it.George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage has noticed it "just in the last six months."These deal makers are starting to hear from "nontraditional" dealership buyers.Of course, the market doesn't need buyers; it needs sellers. But owners of those privately h ...
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Why George Chaconas is such a busy man

Posted 4:24 pm U.S. ET, Jan. 25
NEW ORLEANS -- Sit with dealmaker George Chaconas of Performance Brokerage Services at the Starbucks outside the convention hall, and you discover a busy guy."Well, the dealers just got out a meeting," he says as a herd of well-dressed retailers stream by -- a couple of whom seem anxious to meet up with Chaconas right then and there.A lot of dealers want to check in with b ...
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How Granatelli broke the code, saved his life

Posted 11:07 am U.S. ET, Jan. 3
Andy Granatelli, the renowned race-car owner and STP oil treatment mogul who died last week at age 90, is best remembered for the cars that won the Indianapolis 500 in 1969 and 1973, and for building and sponsoring Parnelli Jones' radical turbine car that almost won the 500 in 1967.But my favorite Granatelli story was the one he told about his brief stint as a driver at th ...
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