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September 28, 2015

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Between the lines, GM rebuts Marchionne

GM's annual pitch to about 180 analysts and investors could be viewed as one long commercial for why GM doesn't need Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: The automaker is too busy “redefining the future of mobility.”


VW could lose big around the world

Volkswagen AG has been rattled to the core by a scandal that threatens to batter the VW brand around the world, hand a golden opportunity to its main rivals in Europe -- Ford and Opel -- and all but destroy a long, hard and so far fruitless effort...


An FCA strike: $1 billion a week in lost revenues

A UAW strike of Fiat Chrysler could cost the Detroit automaker close to $1 billion a week in lost revenue and would quickly lead to a shortage of several hot-selling vehicles.


Indianapolis' car-sharing service is generating controversy

BlueIndy, one of the nation’s first municipally supported one-way EV ride-sharing services, promises to eliminate many vehicle ownership hassles, thanks to the city of Indianapolis and a French conglomerate that is investing $41 million to set...


Sparks fly over service's prime parking spaces

The BlueIndy electric-vehicle rede-sharing service in Indianaopolis has been embroiled in controversy since its Sept. 2 startup.


Store buyers always on the hunt for used vehicles

When buyers at Sam Swope Auto Group's used-car Buy Center happen across vehicles parked in public places with for-sale signs displayed, they whip out their smart phones, scan the VIN, run a vehicle history report and leave a card with a written cash...


No easy fixes for VW diesels, experts say

Volkswagen may face a significant challenge in getting nearly 500,000 diesel-powered cars in the U.S. into emissions compliance.


Spiraling diesel crisis deals another blow to VW's frustrated dealers

Revelations of cheating and subsequent leadership turmoil at VW add more burdens to VW dealers already seething over a poor product mix, sagging sales and profitability, and an often cold shoulder from headquarters in Germany.


VW emissions violations put self-certification under new scrutiny

VW's diesel scandal has exposed holes in the U.S. emissions testing regime, prompting regulators to launch new tests.


Were there signs that VW was cheating?

Were there other warning signs that could have tipped off regulators that Volkswagen diesels driven on the road were polluting too much?


'16 Chevrolet Silverado gets a new face -- and much more

Changes to the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado, unveiled last week at the State Fair of Texas, include improved connectivity, a new, optional gearbox, updated grilles and the end of the truck's signature stacked headlights.


Ford F-series Super Duty: Steel frame, aluminum body for '17

Ford's aluminum-bodied F-series Super Duty pickup will be up to 350 pounds lighter than the current generation but offer increased towing and hauling capabilities.


Longer Jeep Wrangler on the way

A pair of Wrangler powertrain mules caught testing this month show the extended chassis needed to convert the off-roader to an eight-speed automatic transmission from its five-speed gearbox.


Next LaCrosse borrows from Avenir concept

Buick's next-generation LaCrosse sedan will adopt the face of the buzzed-about Avenir concept when it goes on sale in the U.S. next year, a look that will spread across the brand's lineup over the next few years.


VW gives Passat a major face-lift

Volkswagen revealed several updates for the 2016 Passat, including a new hood, front fenders, grille, and front and rear bumpers. The only sheet metal parts unchanged from the 2015 model are the door panels, roof and body side stamping, VW says.


2016 QX50 offers more for less

The Infiniti QX50 will receive a $550 sticker reduction for 2016, despite more content and a bigger back seat.


Changing Scion gets new boss

Andrew Gilleland was a field operations manager at Scion when it was hatched in 2003, working with dealers to help get the youth-oriented brand off the ground.


Volvo: S.C. plant is 'the ultimate signal' to dealers

As Volvo prepares to build the next-generation S60 compact sedan in Ridgeville, S.C., it hopes that its first U.S. plant persuades its dealers to reinvest in the franchise.

Devastation and determination: Memories of Katrina

Mike Browning, the newly installed president of the National Auto Auction Association, recalls heartbreaking and heartwarming moments following Hurricane Katrina.


No more 'distracted walking' in the lanes

Mike Browning, the incoming president of the National Auto Auction Association, is taking charge of a new safety campaign designed to reduce accidents and injuries at auctions.

EDITORIAL: VW's betrayal of trust is toxic to the entire industry

Volkswagen's actions differ from previous scandals. This wasn't VW doing the legal minimum, or finding a loophole, or broadly interpreting a rule to gain an advantage. VW set out to break the rules.


JESSE SNYDER: Deceit hurts German people most

Imagine discovering that your favorite athlete, one you named your child after, spent the last six years in cahoots with gamblers to throw games.


VW culture: No room to fail

How has a peerless automotive organization known for setting outrageous goals -- then exceeding them -- slipped so low?


Ga. appeals court: Jury should decide Civic odometer case

An Atlanta Toyota dealership that won dismissal of a fraud claim for selling a used Honda Civic that had been driven more than 30 times farther than the odometer showed may have to go back to court in the matter.


Safety regs kill Nissan's 'car that saved the company'

Nissan has quietly ended production of the Xterra, a rugged light truck that helped fan the flame of SUV sales in the 1990s while aiding the company's turnaround in the U.S.


Nissan pulls Altima freshening forward

Feeling the pressure of increased competition, Nissan has shortened the product cycle of its best-selling U.S. vehicle, the Altima midsize sedan.


Designing Jeep for a new era of overseas conquests

The new compact Renegade is the first Jeep designed expressly for the international market. It's a balancing act for the design team at Jeep.


Design differentiation tricky for luxury brands

Premium brands have some of the narrowest design differentiation between their models, often to the point they're hard to tell apart on the road. Audi is a good case in point. But why?


Design titan le Quement weighs in

Retired Renault design chief Patrick le Quement, who turned 70 this year, has been back in the limelight of late. He offered a few cogent remarks on the current state of auto design in a recent interview.


Nakamura driven to stay ahead of the pack

In an interview this month at the Frankfurt auto show, global design chief Shiro Nakamura emphasized Nissan's devotion to standout design - strikingly seen in the Gripz crossover concept shown thereeat the Frankfurt show this month.


How Doyle Letson went from boats to cars ...

Doyle Letson's career took many twists and turns before he became chief interior designer for the Ford Mustang. He designed office furniture, heavy equipment and lots of powerboats, all the while moonlighting as a serious rock 'n' roll musician.


Porsche trades a bit of heritage for efficiency

When Porsche's re-engineered 911 hits the U.S. next spring, it will bury another feature in the nameplate's graveyard of outdated technology.


New A8 will launch Lichte's Audi design strategy

Audi's all-new A8 flagship sedan, due in 2017, will launch a new styling direction for the brand. Design chief Marc Lichte says it will be Audi's most significant design statement since Walter de Silva created the single frame grille in 2004.


7 series easy outside, starts revolution inside

The exterior design of the new BMW 7 series may be evolutionary, but inside it's a brave new world.


Will Wrangler-based pickup borrow from these concepts?

Jeep's decision to produce a Wrangler-based pickup comes after a decade of teasing the brand's loyal enthusiasts with concepts that never were approved for production.

App makers eager for clear path to car

To get their apps into cars, developers like Pandora have to rewrite their code for every brand, but that could soon change.


Automakers gamble on wireless charging standard

Automakers are putting wireless chargers into their cars, but they're still waiting for a clear signal from Apple, which has yet to build the technology into its iPhone.


Connected car finally may have found a parking spot

Parking is drawing a new level of attention from in-car navigation specialists such as Inrix, of Kirkland, Wash., which already taps into smartphone data to beam down cloud-based traffic updates to millions of cars.

Why VW needed to cheat on emissions

The problem for VW was that cutting NOx is expensive.


Harold Jackson, who worked in public relations at General Motors, died Sept. 24. He was 89.

Notice expected on Mitsubishi plant closure

Mitsubishi, still seeking a buyer for its Illinois assembly plant, is expected to formally notify the plant's 900 workers this week of the plant's imminent closure.


A 'moment of dizziness' turns into a teachable moment?

BMW CEO Harald Krueger returned to work last week after spending several days recovering from his fatigue-related collapse on stage at the Frankfurt auto show.

An Apple EV? Lutz not biting

Apple Inc. had nothing to say about a Wall Street Journal report last week that it plans to have an electric vehicle ready to go by 2019. But Bob Lutz did: "I think this is going to be a gigantic money pit.”


Designer of the Century isn't done yet

Giorgetto Giugiaro, who turned 77 last month, won't put down his pen even though he recently sold to Audi the last piece of his styling and engineering company that he still owned.


Lithia founder takes a pay cut -- for life

Lithia Motors Inc. founder Sid DeBoer is stepping down as an executive officer of the company and will take a massive pay cut -- for life.


Well, there goes my new-car buzz

Owning a four-month-old Volkswagen Golf TDI today feels a bit like having a puppy that you know someday must be taken in to have neutered. You wonder whether he'll be quite the same spunky dog afterward.

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